Pulled oats is coming to town

Straight outta Finland comes an interesting new food phenomenon: pulled oats.

It is a fascinating addition to the already existing market of meat substitutes, including tofu, soya, tempeh and seitan.

Pulled oats is brought to us by Gold & Green Foods, a Finnish led company. The product constitutes of oats, yellow pea and faba bean and is made in Finland.

What makes it super interesting is that it could potentially reach many customers who are too busy to go through the effort of soaking and marinating soya bites or buying tempeh from a specialty store; it is the perfect food for a customer who wants to consume less meat but doesn’t have the time or energy to put a lot of effort into her consumer choices. Pulled oats is ready-made food.

Of course I had to try it. We made tacos with the ‘Nude’ flavoured pulled oats. There are two other options available, lime-sesame-ginger and tomato-smoked paprika-coriander (yum).

We lightly fried the pulled oats on a pan with some onions and spices (chili flakes, smoked paprika, caraway, salt and pepper) and ate with veggies, salsa and tacos.

Our verdict:

Delicious and super super easy to make. The taste resembles that of a soya chunk but is better and has a sophisticated vibe of oats in it. The texture is pleasant and meaty.

Definitely buying this again.

Respect to the innovators behind this: you have created a phenomenon before the product is even officially launched (ours was bought from an event at a department store in Helsinki) – I think and hope this will be a popular product around the world!

Some facts:
– Per 100 g of serving, 210 calories/ 4.4 g fat / 9.9 g carbohydrates / 31.4 g protein (more than in chicken wings!)
– The cost of one 250 g box of pulled oats is 3.95 €
– The oats, beans and peas are produced in Finland and Sweden (not organic)
– The product itself is made mechanically using heating, pressing and mixing.




Pssst! This post is in no way sponsored. I am just genuinely interested in this product.

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