Ha ha, Russell Peters, Ha ha

What’s happened to my sense of humour? I used to love Russell Peters, the Canada-born stand up comedian of immigrant Indian parents. I found him very funny, for example in this one:

I recently watched his latest show on Netflix. Yeah, there were parts that were okay but mostly I found it very unoriginal and extremely sexist.

In one part of the show he is talking about the time when his daughter was born. He then continues with how men should avoid being present at birth at all cost because it is horrible! It is the worst. Or not really.. the real worst part comes after birth. You will not look at a woman’s vagina the same way ever again, Russell Peters tells you. ‘I mean, it used to be my favourite restaurant, but the menu has changed, not eating there any more’. HA HA HA!!

Humour can save so many awkward situations. I don’t think anything should be so sacred that it has immunity against being the subject of a joke.

Well I used to think that. Now after giving birth I do think there are sacred things. Pushing a human being out of me is the greatest yet also the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. And having a 45-year-old man laugh at that? Earning his living doing that? I just don’t get it.

Had his joking been somehow intelligent, clever, well that might be another story. But he went down the easy road.

Fellow women, if you ever end up with a man who makes you feel like giving birth isn’t a freakin’ master achievement, or makes you feel less of a woman after it all, consider ditching that man.

A cat video to demonstrate the success rate of Russell’s jokes:

Photo by Duane Storey.

One thought on “Ha ha, Russell Peters, Ha ha

  1. I was just talking to someone about how he had like two seconds of fame and then kind of decided that he didn’t need to be an active comedian anymore and just like a ‘head’ of the comedy culture. Which annoys me.

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