Ethiopian Cats in Finland

It’s four in the morning and the city is still very quiet. It will take another four hours for the sun to come up, this time of the year is the darkest. Only two furry feline fuzz balls are awake. One of them looks up to the kitchen counter and jumps. What an endless sea of possibilities, a kitchen only for cats while two oblivious humans are sleeping in the other room. What she finds on the counter is a delicious avocado. She grasps the avocado with her sharp teeth and jumps down. It’s time for a feast.

You haven’t forgotten Aizo and Charaka, have you? Last time I wrote about them and our long and challenging travel from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia to Addis Abeba and then via Jeddah and Frankfurt to our final destination: Helsinki, Finland.

Our little friends have settled in their new home country nicely. The only thing reminding us about Aizo’s troublesome past is the fact that she still steals avocados. Once a street cat in Ethiopia, she got used to collecting her food from the wild. Avocados were her favourite. We have tried to educate her on the differences. See, in Ethiopia avocados grow in trees, here you pay 4,50 € for two. She doesn’t care. She’s the boss.

Abyssinian cats are said to be quite demanding. I can confirm this. They require a lot of attention and playtime, and this we try and offer them as much as possible. Aizo and Charaka love to chase toys around the apartment. Another favourite is trying to find treats from under carpets, in cardboard boxes or other mysterious places.

They are best buddies and cuddle a lot. Naturally they take all their naps together.

They are an effective alarm clock. Every morning Charaka wakes one of us up around 6:30. Also, they wait outside the bathroom door whenever somebody is there. Privacy isn’t something these Ethiopians think highly of.

Life is simple and good for the two. Aizo is thinking about writing her cat memoir/self-help book, the draft title being ‘From Rags to Riches – the story of a street cat who turned her miserable life into prosperity and wealth – Here Are My Tips on How You Can Do It, Too!’.




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