Ethiopian movie posters

The city of Bahir Dar is filled with movie posters. There are a couple of theaters here, but I’ve never been. I can tell, though, that Ethiopian movies have some serious drama in them. So it has become a habit of mine to come up with plots for them, just looking at their posters. Here we go:

photo 1


Life has never been easy for Mr. Tilahun. He grew up in a rural village in the highlands of Gojam, herding cattle his whole childhood, spending the days counting the flies on his sweaty neck. But he has a talent. He is an extremely skilled belly dancer. Though this dance is not yet culturally recognized in Ethiopia, he knows his time will come, that’s what the stars have told him at least. Aizo, he tells himself on those long and heavy days on the fields, while practicing his latest belly dance moves in the shade of juvenile eucalyptus trees. Finally Tilahun gets his break when he, at the gentle age of 35, takes part in Ethiopian Idol. To the amazement of his villagers, he wins the whole competition and immediately moves to Addis Abeba. In Addis Abeba Tilahun meets two interesting personalities, Ms. Fekir and Ms. Sara. They both claim to be managers who can transform Tilahun into a universal idol. Who should he believe? And who is the mysterious, ancient old Mr. Haile who claims he was the first to invent belly dancing? This movie will take you on an ever so exciting ride to the jungle of stardom, love, patents and legislation.


Did you think only city girls can run a business? You are about to be utterly surprised. There is nothing Ms. Aster cannot do. She has raised five children alone, she is farming one hectare of land, providing food and shelter for her family, and has a bajaj taxi business on the side. She is happy with her life, and she swears to never love again – the men in her life have always walked away when the tella (local beer) has run out in the house. But little does Aster know… one Sunday as she is changing to oils to her taxi (after visiting the church, of course), she sees a handsome stranger leaning towards her taxi. He tells her his name is Mr. Tadese and he thinks Aster is not the most beautiful girl in the world, but certainly the most beautiful girl in the town of Merawi. Suddenly Aster feels blushed. Is it the fancy jeans, the new sneakers, Tadese’s suspenders or the smell of his hair gel? This is the story about Aster’s choices. Will she ever love again? Is Tadese to be trusted?

photo 2


You remember Ms. Abebech, Ms. Enanu and Ms. Gete? Well they are back, more fierce than ever. It is time for their girl band to take over the world. They still can’t sing, but that’s not a problem, as the well-known producer “Mr. Ricky” in his red leather jacket tells them. In order to take over the world, the girls and Mr. Ricky need to visit some producers in Los Angeles. This is the story about their visa application process. How many weeks will it take to obtain the visa? And could the ridiculously handsome visa officer Mr. Ghion help them in achieving their dreams? It all comes down to one stamp.

The first photo by when i was a bird, from creative commons in flickr, available for download here.

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