Our food security book is now online

This is mainly relevant for the Finns out there since we don’t yet have an English version of our book…

Our book ‘Nälkä ja yltäkylläisyys. Ruokaturva maailmassa’ (translates as Hunger and abundance. Food security in the world) now continues its life online!

Our objective is to maintain the most up-to-date and extensive online food security information bank in Finnish.

It is easy to find: www.ruokaturva.fi

The page is divided into different thematic topics. The themes follow those of the contents of our book. Click on each theme to get more detailed information on that topic. At the end of the page under each theme, you’ll find links to current topics/reports/publications/sites on that particular theme. This way we keep the site up to date and you can use it as a great online resource for finding information on different food security topics.

In the info section you’ll find our contact information. In the blog we’ll post articles every now and then. Last but not least you can always use this site to order our book online.

Happy browsing!

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