Hey there, we got married!

Dear blog readers from all over the world. How are you doing?

I myself am back in Ethiopia after a month in my home country, Finland. I could share with you many stories about these weeks filled with joyous moments with friends and family. But let me just highlight the main event. Our wedding! Yes, you heard me. We got married with Atte. And since you have been following this journey of ours in Ethiopia from the beginning, let me share some pictures from this memorable day.

Our wedding was held at Bosgård, an organic farm in Porvoo. It is an ideal place to organize an event – actually for us it was perfect because we had so many children attending our party. The mood at the farm was so relaxed and children could easily go out and play in the garden or join the grown-ups on a guided tour to visit the bulls (who doesn’t expect a guided bull tour at a wedding?!). The farm is located not far from Helsinki and you can even plan a day trip there. In the weekends they serve brunch at their deli café and there’s a guided nature path just around the corner. Put briefly: I always enjoy a visit to Bosgård. That’s why we wanted to host our wedding there as well.

My wedding dress was sown by Outi Karikivi, the founder and owner of Willatar, a textile business focusing on producing garments from natural and/or second-hand materials. My dress was a combination of my grandmother’s old wedding dress (her wedding was in 1945), some lace curtains from an old house in Porvoo and chiffon from China. Check out Outi’s business! She is amazing.

And so are all the other small businesses we worked with in Helsinki: our flowers we got from inbloom flower shop. My hair and make up was done by the masters of FOLK Helsinki.

Here’s a piece of advice: if you ever think about whether or not you should organize a party, don’t think twice. Do it! Just do it! For my family and friends who attended this special day: I am ever so grateful and happy.

All photos are by Rasmus Hartikainen. One word: love.

Psst! To not forget Ethiopia, our wedding dance was partly to Tikur Sew by the one and only Teddy Afro.







150530_LauraAtte_0004 1_S






















25 thoughts on “Hey there, we got married!

  1. Best wishes for your life together. You look like a medieval princess in your dress. It is a lovely sentiment to have it made from your grandmother’s dress. The groom’s choice of navy blue suit matches the day and your skin tone as well. The photos are beautiful. x

    1. Thank you, thank you! I wanted the dress to be a combination of something old and something new. So happy about how it turned out. All the best to you 🙂

  2. Once again. Congratulations guys! I’m sure you had great fun on your wedding day, and you made it unique, as unique are you 2. God bless you, and as we use to say on this day in Italy: “CENT’ANNI”. One hundred year of happiness for you 2. You deserve it all.

    1. Thank you Michele for your kind words. We both send you best greetings to wherever you are! I just listened to U2 the other day and thought of you since it’s your favourite band 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you shared these!
    You guys look so happy and stunning and you like a mix of a fairy and a princess.
    Big congratulations xxx

    1. It’s good to share some happy news every now and then 🙂 This was definitely one worth sharing! Thank you so much Mette. Many hugs!!

  4. Hi Laura (and Atte),

    Congratulations with this life event. It’s great to read and see how the wedding was and to get an idea of the day. You two look stunning and I wish you both a loving and happy future together.

    Stor kram!


    PS I’ld love to meet Atte one day! 🙂

    1. My dear friend Tjeerd, thank you for your words. Happy you enjoyed the pictures! Stor kram back and I am sure you will meet Atte one day 🙂

  5. Congratulations Laura. I enjoyed much reading all the details of your wedding (organic, recycled, natural, happy moments). I wish you lots of happiness and love for your new life to you both. Congrats from Bolivia

    1. Thank you Kathya! Greetings back to Bolivia here from Ethiopia. I wish you and your family happiness, love and health!

  6. Hei

    Lorujen ystävänä onnittelen teitä lorujen muodossa eli

    “Ihana on kahden jatkaa
    elämänne matkaa.

    Olkoon onni omananne,
    päivänpaiste seurananne.”

    Keräsin pari vuotta sitten sisareni kultahääpäiviä varten vieraiden “työllistämisprojektiin” kokoelman loruja ja mietelmiä. Niiden joukosta nämäkin ovat peräisin.


    1. Hei Kaisa,
      Olipa kaunis loru. Kiitos siitä! Aurinkoista kesää sinne Suomeen täältä Etiopiasta.

  7. Vad fint Laura!
    Bröllopet såg fantastiskt ut och ni var väldigt fina båda två.
    Atte är en mycket lyckligt lottad man som fått en så underbar fru!
    Ett jättestort GRATTIS till er från mig!
    Iso hali

  8. I can’t leave here without leaving a comment. How lovely you are! I enjoyed your wedding post and happy to see the photos 🙂 I wish you a very happy life!!!! Greetings from Korea!!

    1. Thanks Clay for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Many greetings to Korea and see you somewhere in the world, one day!

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