I Love Humans of Bahir Dar

Hi Laura!! Selam no! Dena nesh? Mitä kuuluu?

You remember, I worked with Finnish people many many years ago!

That is why I am never late. I am always on time. Finnish people are always on time.

These days Bahir Dar is changing fast, so fast, this is the global change. Prices up everywhere. This is why we don’t like to have too many faranjis, like Jamaicans, in our country, because prices go up up up!

You went to gym? That is good. I also go running every morning.

My ex wife is very fat. I see my ex wife, and I say: you are very fat these days!

If I ever get a new wife, I want a rich woman.

Do you smoke?

No, good!

It is not good to smoke. Gives you all kinds of cancer.
Yes, I know this, I know lot of things, I have a TV.

Oh you work with agriculture? That is good! In Mecha? Ah I know Mecha! They have very nice Araki there. Nice local alcohol. Oh you have tasted? Ha ha ! Ha ha!

I have a son, he is 25 years old now, he manages himself. Other people have to work harder because they have small babies. That is more difficult.

My brother lives in America. I could also go, but I don’t want to. I think America is great but I would miss my friends, my culture. By the way Ethiopia has a rich culture. By the way we were never colonized like other African countries.

The problem with America is that everyone always has stress! Always stress.

Here, I am my own boss. Before I worked for somebody else but now my boss is me. My boss is my job!

If I want to make a lot of money, I work a lot. If I feel lazy, I sleep at home.

I am fifty years old, I don’t have any small children, no wife, no worries.

I live with my mama. Every week I take my money to a bank and save it for me and my mama. By the way, my mama is so beautiful, even young men they say: she is so beautiful! That is my mama.

8 thoughts on “I Love Humans of Bahir Dar

  1. “Araki” huh? Didn’t know it was an Arabic word, well it must be, “Raki” in Turkish, “Arak” in Azeri 🙂 I love when words of wisdom – a.k.a recipe of a simple fulfilling life – are narrated from a guy that we see everyday. Not that a scholar with Harvard philosophy degree or a Nobel price winner scientist has less to say; it is just more heartwarming to hear from a cab-driver 🙂 Thanks again a for good way to end my day. Following your articles with utmost excitement 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Tagi! I think wherever we go in the world, these everyday interactions, heart-to-heart conversations with people are the ones we always remember. 🙂

      It seems that araki or ‘raki’ is everywhere in the world! They call it moonshine in English I think. In all corners of the world there will always be a local version of araki. 🙂

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